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Greek-Bulgarian Friendship Society 'Kyrillos & Methodios'
Our Dogma


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Because, 'thanks' to postmodernism, long-established political and sociological terms are under constant and vicious attacks by covert Zionism (NOT the Jews as a race or a nation)and their empty-headed but staunch supporters the world over, we wish to make our position ctystal-clear to any 'wishful' thinkers in the Balkan region and the world at large.
Ours is a HELLENIC(=Greek) Society extending a warm hand of friendship, understanding and peaceful cooperation to all Bulgarians on both sides of the border. We want to strengthen the bonds and aspire to harmonious communication between the two PEOPLES rather than their occasional governments, i.e.,we are immune to such idiotic equations as 'look at a people's legally elected governments to see what this people is'.
MAKE NO MISTAKE,THOUGH.This Society is a devoted and unwavering supporter of many-millennium old Hellenism and the values it represents, that is 'philopatria'-love of one's country-,Christian Orthodoxy, tolerance of and respect for the right to be different but not to the detriment of COMMON LOGIC, as that logic was bequeathed to us by our ancestors and still adopted by the overwhelming majority of Hellenes.
Surprisingly enough, Bill Clinton said it all in Athens during his last visit:'We are all Greeks (Hellenes).You should have seen ugly Madlene Albright's face expression captured by the cameras at the time!
We intend to stay that way because, if worse comes to worse,we never forget Thukydides's words:'Considering that happiness means freedom and freedom means daring, don't hesitate to take war risks'.
It would,really, be abysmally stupid or mean-spirited for us to be accused as warmongers, now wouldn't it?