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Greek-Bulgarian Friendship Society 'Kyrillos & Methodios'
About our Members

On this page we'll provide that extra bit you need to form a
better picture of who are who.
There is considerable diverseness in the make-up of the member roll. In fact, they span almost the entire social spectrum- university professors and students, blue- and white-collar workers, housewives and merchants,entrepreneurs and civil servants, priests and athletes, to mention but a few,are active and warm supporters of the Society's principles.

For reasons beyond our control, and to save valuable Web space, we have currently opted for non-inclusion here of member names and their phone numbers.

We may,however, consider disclosing them through the Web if the Board decides accordingly on a case-by-case basis.

The total number has just exceeded 150 and is on an upward trend.

Why not welcome YOU as our next celebrated entry?!

(please print, fill in,sign and
send by mail together with your application fee and annual subscription):
Name and surname:
Father's name:
Spouse's name:
Number of children:
Date of birth:
Nationality: Citizenship:
Postal address:

Fax no:
Education(delete as appropriate):
Title held in tertiary education:


Reasons for joining:

I declare I aggree with the Society's Articles of Association and the decisions of the General Assembly.

Signature:(please sign below this line)

Application fee (one-time): US$ 3
Annual fee: : US$ 15