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Greek-Bulgarian Friendship Society 'Kyrillos & Methodios'

Our Charter was registered with the Thessaloniki Court Authorities in 1998, therefore we are officially recognized by the Hellenic Republic and often formally requested to participate in various festivities and/or social events.

Our Society aims at fostering understanding between the two peoples, thus contributing to the improvement of the already existing peaceful relations and the development of mutually fruitful social and economic contacts.
It also aspires to facilitate adjustment to local conditions
of Hellenes living, working or studying in Bulgaria and of Bulgarians engaged in similar activities in Hellas.
The Society does not rely on any financial support other than that of member fees and donations by anyone holding the same views as ours.

It was our current President's, Vasilis K.Fragopoulos, idea to create the Society.Thanks to the encouragement and warm support by both Ilko Shivatchev,General Consul of the Republic of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki and Vasilis Papageorgopoulos,Mayor of Thessaloniki,the idea has been put into glorious practice.

Our Society Board Officers:
Vasilis K. Fragopoulos, president
Nikolaos A. Tsakalos, vice president
Tsvetanka Soultogiani, vice president & cashier
Chrysoula Poursanidou, general secretary
Michalis Efstratiou, member 
Kostas Kritikos, member 
Antonis Milanos, member 
Below there is a photo of our president:

This is the current president of our Society